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OfficeGate - New product for developers

OfficeGate is a new ProFile product, serving as a connector with MS-Office applications. OfficeGate is the perfect mediator between the programmer and the Office applications: it is easy to install, to use and to maintain.


OfficeGate is the perfect mediator between the programmer and the MS-Office applications: it is easy in integration, in use and in maintenance. No study in depth is required and most important - its application is very fast.

OfficeGate is a smart and flexible component with a reliable, simple and easy Component, which enables an easy approach and a simple integration between Office programs and various applications. Using some simple operations, OfficeGate enables the exchange of data from any application to a Word document; fill cells and extract data from Excel sheets; manage calendars, contacts and Email in Outlook and much more.

The OfficeGate component includes many functions for the control of the various Office programs, and enables programmers to integrate it in their applications with no requirement of knowledge of OLE. OfficeGate can be integrated in all the programming languages and development environment under Ms-Windows, starting with third generation languages such as PowerBuilder, Developer 2000 and Visual Basic and especially suited to fourth generation languages, such as FiveWin and Magic. It enables the achievement of a stable and reliable interface in a very short developing time and with no need of temporary files.

OfficeGate has versions for a single workstation, server installation and unlimited license for an organization. It comes with a special demonstration for Magic programmers.

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