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Apps design

ProFile understands the needs of smartphone and tablet users and expertise’s in planning and designing apps:

  • Planning UI for smartphone and tablet apps taking in consideration their touch abilities and their call to action specifications.
  • Interface design that is spectacular, easy to apply by the app developer, fit for a variety of devices and a variety of resolutions and easy to operate by users.
  • Producing recorded products for development teams and following up closely on development process and QA.

Interested in further information about tailor-made apps? Please contact us and we will gladly present you our capabilities and our projects portfolio.

Mobileye app


Mobileye develops applications based on processing visual information for the market of driver assistance systems (DAS) focusing on reducing the risks of traffic accidents. The app we designed for Mobileye interacts with car integrated systems and provides visual alerts for headway monitoring and warning, lane departure warning, pedestrian collision warning and more. The app also provides an analysis and statistics on users’ driving behavior.

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“Click Saving” app is based on the concept of “impulse save” as a response to “impulse purchase”. The idea is to enable small sums transfer to existing saving plans in a brief, simple way while providing the user with an amusing visual indication. The app was designed according to Psagot branding guideline.

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Recommendation of  Joel Rosenstein - High-Tech Marketing Specialist |

I want to thank you for the excellent job on the SESP Web site. The work was be very demanding, but your patience was appreciated and the final result was worth it. I am very happy with the site, and I've received a lot of positive feedback from friends and colleagues to whom I've showed it.

J. Rose - High-Tech Marketing Specialist |

J. Rose - High-Tech Marketing Specialist |

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