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User Interface design

ProFile creates user-experience interfaces that combine intuitive functionality with simplicity and state-of-the art design: websites | smartphone apps | Websites and portal in a SharePoint environment |Internet based operating systems |Windows based application | Control and inspection systems.

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ClickSoftWare project


ClickSoftware develops a work-process and time-coordinating management and optimization platform for service teams. The product we designed enables the sales and implementation team to produce a suitable demo for clients that can easily be converted into a final version.


Tamir is Israel’s packaging recycling corporation. The UI designed by Profile enables the local authorities and contractors to hand in reports they are obliged to produce by the packaging law, as well as to recycling bodies to confirm deliveries.

Tamir project
Ink on Demand project

Ink on Demand

Bordo Digital is a world leader in the field of development, production, and marketing alternative ink cartridges for professional printing. The company developed technologies that enable customers to independently code the ink cartridge chip it provides. Profile simplified the process and designed an engaging and clear user interface that guides the user through an intuitive operating system with no need for thorough training.


Checkpoint is a world leading information security company. AntiTheft project is part of a personal control center, by which we designed a system that monitories the exact location of a personal laptop, and delivers screenshots and webcam images from the device.

Checkpoint project

It was important for us to choose a company that would give us service at the highest level. I am pleased to say that ProFile really gave us what we needed. As a result of their work, RE/MAX Israel has added dozens of agents and franchise holders who approached us via our website

Bernard Raskin, CEO | RE/MAX Israel

Bernard Raskin, CEO | RE/MAX Israel

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