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Websites development

ProFile specializes in building tailor-made websites that truly work for our customers: Company websites | E-Commerce websites | Dynamic content websites | Applicative websites | Mobile and tablet websites | Companies portals.

ProFile specializes in providing tailor-made solutions along optimal design and functional planning, use of advanced technologies, and integrating content management systems in an open source world such as WordPress and PrestaShop as well as dedicated content management solutions we developed to meet customer needs such ContentCenter and eState.

Our services include the design and development of websites; marketing and content strategy; professional consulting; and outsourcing. 

Giraffic project


Giraffic is a startup company focusing on accelerating high-quality video broadcasting on internet infrastructure. The site was designed to clearly and simply display the Company's technology to potential companies. The site is responsive, Parallax capabilities were used, and is based on WordPress platform.


Shvoong is the Israel’s largest sport and leisure content wesite - running, cycling, and swimming, fitness and triathlon. The website serves as a daily information resource for an ever growing community of athletes. As part of the proposed new site a full process was carried out including research, characterization, examining technological solutions, user experience and design. The chosen technological solution was WordPress platform and included interfacing with external systems and websites.

Shvoong project
Beit Shmuel project

Beit Shmuel

Beit Shmuel is a unique campus for education, culture and accommodation in the center of Jerusalem belonging to the World Union for Progressive Judaism. The website was set up to show all the veriety of activities which take place regularly (concerts, classes, tours, lectures, films, etc.). Behind the website is Profile’s content management system, ContentCenter. Due to the success of the website, a dedicated mobile website was recently launched.


My Dario is a comprehensive solution for monitoring blood sugar levels of diabetics. The solution includes a dedicated device that monitors sugar levels and connects to the Smartphone, as well as an Internet environment that includes options for monitoring, nutrition management, and more. The project included the establishment of a responsive, multilingual web site on a WordPress platform, as well as designing and building landing pages for successful targeted campaigns.

My Dario Project
Mobileye project


Mobileye develops vehicle systems for preventing accidents, based on computerized image processing. As part of the Internet infrastructure deployment, a dedicated website for American audiences was set up. The site allows online purchase of the system, as well as locating and approaching a near-by authorized installer. The site relies on WordPress global trading platform providing a solution for aspects of international taxation and shipment, payment and clearing in various currencies and a variety of payment methods.

Intech Pharma

Intech Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company. The website that was set up is a responsive site which reveals the current and future product line, displays publications and events and includes specific information for investors.

Intech Pharma project
Hotzvim project


Har-Hotzvim Hi-Tech Park, Jerusalem is one of the the largest and leading high tech centers of the state of Israel. Leading Israeli and international companies, such as Intel, Teva, Cisco, and many more operate in the park. The website includes information about the park and its operating companies, an active and up to date job vacancies, and compartmentalized zone for park employees that includes special benefits, car-pool organizing and more.

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