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How to costomize my mailbox

Realse Date: 26/04/2008 | Last update: 26/04/2008

The options in the My Settings page allow end users to customize the way his mailbox works. No changes are saved until you click on the Save button. The options are each explained below, separated by the tab on which they reside.

Here you can customize General Settings like name and password, Forwarding options, Display and compose options and more.

To customize your mailbox please follow those steps:

  1. Enter your account with your email address and password.

    If your mailbox name is then enter the webmail by url.

  2. Go to Settings -> My Settings.

  3. Follow those instructions:

    - SmarterMail 3.x:

    - SmarterMail 4.x:

    - SmarterMail 5.x:

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