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How to embed YouTube movie in a content object ?

Realse Date: 17/01/2012 | Last update: 17/01/2012

  1. Enter your YouTube account and upload a movie.
  2. On the movie page you will find 2 options how to insert the movie into a web page: How to embed YouTube movie in a content object
    The "URL" field contain a direct link address to the movie page on YouTube.
    The "Embed" field contain html tags to embed in the web page.
  3. Mark the code in the "Embed" field and copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl+C).
  4. Login to the ContentCenter and edit the Content you want to update.
  5. Change the rich text editor of "Description" Field to "View/Edit Source" mode by clicking the [<>] button on the editor toolbar.
  6. Focus the mouse on the place where you want to insert the movie.
  7. Paste the Embed code that you took from YouTube "Embed" field.
  8. Save the Content.

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