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eState eState is a modular platform for managing and advertising real-estate on the internet.It is the perfect solution for real-estate offices and networks, and construction and marketing companies.

eState deals with both business and private estate projects - sales and rent of properties. Companies can enlarge the use of the system according to their rate of development.


  • Sales and rental management: Design of printed advertisement for property, direct contact with the real-estate agent, unlimited photo upload.
  • Real-estate project publishing: Technical details, maps, drawings, renderings and property model listings for the project.
  • File management of potential buyers and sellers: Appointments and alerts, automatic e-mail according to dynamic features.
  • Professional information: Fact sheets and professional tips for buyers and sellers, regional maps, forms for downloading, useful links and more.
  • Corporate information portal: Files and template for downloading, events board, courses with online registration and payment, FAQ and useful links, personal detail updates, mailing list management and more.

Many real estate offices and networks already use eState successfully, including Re\Max Israel, Colony real estate professionals, Hasid Brothers ו Ganei Zion project, Shlomo Cohen , DARA and Century 21 Jerusalem.

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