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ProFile specializes in building WordPress based websites and is on the cutting edge of the platform’s Technologies in establishing Multi Sites, development, adaptation and installation of plugins, interfacing with ERP and CRM systems, and of course the ability to develop progressive themes without design or the application limits.

WordPress platform allows us to provide our clients with quality solutions that meet their needs precisely using open source environment that includes a variety of built-in capabilities, frequent system updates and the ability to independently control all components of the site.

Our UI design professionals specialize in designing UI for this platform that is simple and easy to apply by the development team and that allows the content editor ongoing operating without the need for any design capabilities.

Basic Features

  • Independent control over site structure
  • Creating and updating content pages
  • Designated mechanisms for managing content
  • Defining compartmentalized areas and Access Management
  • Establishing information collection forms for various needs placed around the website pages and collecting referrals to a database
  • A graduate content publishing process (draft and advertising)
  • Advertising management mechanism
  • Organic SEO optimization compliance and more.
  • Managing multiple Websites with a central management interface


  • Full ownership of both the source code and the site management system
  • Variety of built-in functions
  • Thousands of plugins and possible extensions for a wide range of needs, and most of them are free of charge, befitting an open source platform. This huge range allows functional extension of the platform to future needs that may be required.
  • WordPress platform, through an extensive developing community is ever advancing and by constantly upgrading you will enjoy a stable, secure, compliant and "smarter" system than any other platform.
Giraffic project


Giraffic is a startup company focusing on accelerating high-quality video broadcasting on internet infrastructure. The site was designed to clearly and simply display the Company's technology to potential companies. The site is responsive, Parallax capabilities were used, and is based on WordPress platform.


My Dario is a comprehensive solution for monitoring blood sugar levels of diabetics. The solution includes a dedicated device that monitors sugar levels and connects to the Smartphone, as well as an Internet environment that includes options for monitoring, nutrition management, and more. The project included the establishment of a responsive, multilingual web site on a WordPress platform, as well as designing and building landing pages for successful targeted campaigns.

My Dario Project

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